Believers on Mountain Bikes

BOMB Ukraine -Верующие На Горных Велосипедах

Spokane BOMB has a unique and close fellowship with our brothers and sisters-in-Christ in Simferopol, Ukraine.  Led by Pastor Yuri Kyzmin, BOMB Ukraine has a vibrant, dynamic group of mountain biking enthusiasts who use their bikes as transportation to and from their various “School of Christ” ministries.  They also do some epic rides all over the Crimean peninsula, praying for the Word and Spirit of God to penetrate their land and save many lost souls!

See the slideshow below for a look at this amazing group!

Верующие На Горных Велосипедах

BIG NEWS!!!  Pastor Yuri and wife Gala (and big sister Viktoria) welcomed daughter Gloria to their family on September 1st.  Here’s a “first look” at this beautiful gift of God:

Gloria4 Gloria1 Gloria3 Gloria2

See Yuri’s videos too!


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