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Will You Pray for the People of Spokane?

Hello Friends,

   We’re now just 10 days away from the Franklin Graham “Decision America” Northwest Tour event here in our hometown. As I mentioned before, it’s been 16 years since the son of beloved evangelist Billy Graham brought the message of hope, peace and forgiveness through a relationship with Jesus to our region. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite anyone who needs to hear the Gospel to a unique event that will do exactly that — no hard sell, no gimmicks, no one-time only offers of a good deal; just the unvarnished Truth that God loves us, desires to have an eternal relationship with us, and has made the way to Himself open by the blood of Jesus Christ. He didn’t come to make bad (or even “good”) people better, He came to give sinners an entirely new life! Regardless of whether you can attend the event at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Center or not, please join me in prayer for our community. There are lots of hurting, broken people in our city carrying burdens they were never meant to carry alone. Let’s help set them free with forgiveness and healing by praying that they would come to know Jesus on August 9th. The program starts at 7:30PM with music from Jeremy Camp.

The following was sent out by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:


The majority of people in Spokane County say they don’t identify with any faith whatsoever. That number is growing in this city, across the state, and all over the region. Thousands of other people in Spokane practice religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Wicca.

All of these individuals need to hear the truth—that God loves them and sent His Son to die for them. Before the Decision America Pacific Northwest Tour begins next month, will you pray for unsaved people in Spokane “whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe” (2 Corinthians 4:4, NKJV)? Here are some of the specific ways you can pray for the fifth stop on the tour.

Pray for Spokane

• More than a third of people in Spokane either hold unorthodox beliefs about God or reject Him altogether. Please pray that these individuals would hear the truth of the Gospel and respond by surrendering their lives to the Lord.

• Over half of Spokane’s population believe that good works will get them into heaven. Ask God to reach these people with the peace, freedom, and hope that only a relationship with Jesus Christ offers.

• Pray that Bible-believing churches in Spokane would be emboldened and that God will bring revival to this city, this region, and across the U.S.

Thank you for lifting up Spokane in prayer. To find more information on the Decision America Pacific Northwest Tour, visit

In His mighty grace,

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