Believers on Mountain Bikes

Don’t stare at the sun! Save your sight for Beacon Hill on Tuesday, Aug 22

Hello friends!

Summer is racing by but there’s still time to ride! Thank goodness the smoke has cleared away and we’re back to the glorious days of Spokane summer that we all love and enjoy. And tonight we’re on the eve of an extraordinary astronomical event, the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017. Looks like there won’t be any obscuring weather tomorrow so if you have plans to view it, use appropriate caution and protective glasses! (if you can find any)

You might have noticed that the days have started getting perceptibly shorter now, so we’re going to move up our evening start time by a bit to accommodate the earlier darkness. And with August rapidly drawing to a close, let’s go do the Beacon Hill roller-coaster again. I have one objective (in addition to the fun and fellowship), and that is to ride to the very top of the hill and pray over the city before we drop back down. Following the example of my good friend Yuri from Simferopol, Ukraine, we’ll spend a few minutes pondering God’s plans for our city and the ways we can get in on what He’s already doing. As always, please come and invite a friend!

Here’s the scoop:

Date/Time: Tuesday, Aug 22. Meet up at 5:45PM, roll out by 6, about 90 minutes max

Place: Beacon Hill

Meet at: Camp Sekani area parking lot, 6722 E Upriver Dr, Spokane, WA 99212


Skill level: Intermediate for long initial climb, narrow singletrack, rapid descents and switchbacks

Bring: Helmet, water, sunglasses, light clothing! It’s going to be perfect

Questions? Call or text, 509-638-3626,


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