Believers on Mountain Bikes

High Drive/South Hill Ride! Tuesday, June 13 @ 6PM

Hello Friends!

It’s getting… well, perfect outside as our season finally finds a rythmn to it and we’re blessed with these gorgeous, endless days of June. Now just 10 days away from the summer solstice and we’re expanding our venues to hit some of our favorites again (and still testing the new knee joint’s capabilities). Come join us Tuesday for one of the more scenic sections of singletrack anywhere in the city, a perfect spot for an evening ride – the High Drive Parkway trail on the western slope of the South Hill, a fantastic ribbon of dirt carved into the hillside overlooking Hangman Creek.  We’ll stick to the undulating part of the trail and avoid the screaming descent into (and heinous climb out of) the creek valley, but trust me, this one will get your heart rate going for the sunset views and the rush of open exposure overlooking the creek! And (don’t miss this), we’ll plan on heading over to The Scoop for some icy treats immediately afterward. To paraphrase something attributed to the sage founding father Benjamin Franklin, “ice cream is evidence that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Bring a friend!

Date: Tuesday, June 13

Time: Meet up at 6PM, roll out by 6:15, about 75 minutes max

Place: Meet at Polly Judd Park, 1802 W 14th Ave. Take Maple St/Walnut St south to 14th Ave, turn west, the park is at the end of the street.


Level: Intermediate for short climbs and descents, open exposure above steep cliffs

Bring: Helmet (always), water, sunscreen, and a heart for worship and fellowship!

Questions? Give me a call! 638-3626

See you there –




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