Believers on Mountain Bikes

A New Season is Dawning…

Hello Friends!

It’s been a long time since we’ve met, hasn’t it?  It’s been a rather… stout winter, I think we’d all agree.  A long, cold, primarily gray and prolonged season of dreariness, where thoughts of hitting the trails probably haven’t crossed many minds.  It seems like eons ago that we were enjoying the crisp fall riding weather as the days grew steadily shorter.  Our calendar says Spring began last week, but the evidence just doesn’t seem to be there.  Or is it?

Thank God, nothing can stop the changing of the seasons.  The joy of springtime sun will return, much like the promise found in Genesis 9:13.  This stunning view took place just 2 days ago!

It’s time to start thinking about the next season of Spokane BOMB, and we’re going to start this weekend! Although the trails in our usual ride venues are still muddy and in some places impassable, Friday looks to be a sunny day which will dry things out, and Saturday should allow us to actually get out and start exploring again (along with testing out my new “bionic” knee).

We’re planning a nice mellow (ok, not too mellow) early season ride. We would also like to share some exciting plans for the summer and encourage others to show us their favorite trails by signing up to lead rides as well.

We will plan to meet just inside Riverside State Park at the new parking lot with the post and pole green fence (Discovery Pass required, map below). If you don’t have a Discovery Pass, you can park at the Seven Mile horse corral and ride down to the lot. We’ll plan to meet at 1:45PM and be ready to ride by 2.

If you would like to lead some rides this summer but can’t make this ride and meeting, please contact me or Robert and we’ll talk.

The Ride: Riverside State Park

Date: Saturday, April 1

Time: Meet at 1:45PM , depart by 2

Ride level: Early season, mostly flat and probably muddy!

Ride Leaders: Robert and Matt


Bring: Helmet, glasses, layered clothing and mudflaps if you got ’em!

It’s been a long cold winter, time to hit the dirt! Please plan to join us!



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